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The conference will be held in the Leonardo Club Dead Sea Hotel in Ein Boqeq. This “all-inclusive” hotel is situated along the Dead Sea shore and provides all the ingredients for a successful meeting in an ultimate relaxing and delightful spot. From a geological perspective, the meeting venue is located along an active plate boundary between Arabia and Africa plates. Mount Sedom, the surface expression of the Sedom salt wall is quite close and can be observed from the hotel.

For more information:

The Tel Aviv international airport (Ben-Gurion) is served by a number of ordinary and low-cost airlines that connect Israel to many European and US cities with direct flights. Ein Boqeq where the conference is held is about a 90 minute drive from the airport. There is a regular bus servise from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Ein Boqeq.

All visitors to Israel must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they are departing the country. Entry into Israel is generally straight forward and efficient with passports no longer being stamped. Many countries have a Visa Waiver Program with Israel, which allows their citizens to visit Israel without a visa arranged in advance.  We recommend that you will check the current regulations with the Israeli Embassy in your country.


When booking your flights and arranging your visit to Israel

Please take into consideration the following information. On Sunday 11 February, between 9:00-14:00, we will provide a free guided tour in Jerusalem (meeting point – Crown Plaza hotel). At 14:00, a free shuttle bus will leave from Jerusalem (meeting point – Crown Plaza hotel) to Ein Boqeq (the conference location).

On Friday 16 February, between 8:00-12:00, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Masada. After this visit we will provide a free shuttle to Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion airport and Tel Aviv. The expected time in the airport is 14:30, so better book your departure flight after 17:30.