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The Penrose conference on Advances in salt tectonics: observations, applications, and perspectives - in honor of Martin P.A. Jackson will be held 11-16 February, 2018 in Ein Boqeq, Dead Sea, Israel. Great advances have been made in salt tectonics over the past few decades, largely driven by the utilization of 3D seismic data, advanced physical and numerical modelling techniques, and application of modern geospatial technology to the study of exposed salt structures. The Penrose conference will gather leading experts in salt tectonics from both academia and industry in order to present and discuss such issues as (1) field-based observations of salt-diapir geometries and kinematics; (2) results from seismic-based mapping of diapiric structures; (3) physical and mathematical modeling of salt diapirs; and (4) innovative, and perhaps controversial concepts in salt tectonics.

A two-days of field trip will be held during the conference and includes a visit to the actively rising Sedom salt wall, the Dead Sea (the lowest place on Earth‘s surface), the seismically-active Dead Sea Fault system, and soft-sediment deformation within seismogenic slumps.


Sponsored by:

Geological Society of America

Ministry of Science, Technology & Space, Israel

Geological Survey of Israel