Salt-tectonics 2018 Menu

Preliminary outline of sessions

1. Field-based studies of salt diapirs and related structures

2. Seismic-based analysis of salt tectonic systems in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic margins, North Sea and other areas.

3. Physical and mathematical modeling of salt flow

4. Mechanics of salt flow from microscale to macroscale

5. Interrelations between salt tectonics and hydrocarbons


Field Trips

Most of the field trips comprise a visit to Mount Sedom, the surface expression of the rising Sedom salt wall.  We will observe thick sequences of vertical and overturned rocksalt and evaporites, meso-scale folds, faults and boudins in rocksalt, a km-scale recumbent ‘flap’ fold , caprock and ‘salt mirror’, and the highly tilted and drape folded overburden. We will also visit outcrops along the seismically-active Dead Sea Fault system, and excellent outcrops of soft-sediment deformation within seismogenic slumps. The Dead Sea and Moav Mountains in Jordan will provide a vivid backdrop to the fieldtrip.